On Thursday I was sitting in a freinds boat in the Columbia looking at Mount Hood and catching fish, and I was thinking how very lucky we are (again) to live where we live.

I caught a nice fish that day and part of it has hit the barbeque every night since.  And I cant think of another American city where I could sit in a boat right in the city limits and catch world class fish.  See the video.

Portland offers so much close buy - world class fishing, world class skiing including America's  largest lit ski area and America's only place to ski year round.  We also are only 1.5 hours from the Oregon coast and cities such as Cannon Beach.

Its amazing to me that I can be there fishing, and also working talking on my cell phone and emailing an offer via my TREO to another agent too ! 

Untitled from Rob Levy on Vimeo.